The Investors Club SNJ has been involved with the strategic and operational IT architecture and business improvement plans with The Investors Club. Through this work the investors club has streamlined its business processes and has been able to deliver quality IT solutions to the business. SNJ is working with The Investors Club in a number of areas ranging from web development, e-forms development, database development, data migration, network upgrades and assitance with overall IT Strategy.
Copeland Workplace Law SNJ developed the web site in conjunction with the Copeland Law's design team to give Copeland Workplace Law a competitive edge in entering the corporate world.
Gallagher Corporate Advisory SNJ developed the web site and an online product delivery solution to allow their customers to build and customise agreements to manage their own businesses more efficiently and effectively.
International Health Care Seminars (IHCS) SNJ has been involved with the development of a custom seminar management database to enable IHCS to efficiently and effectively track and manage their International Health Care Seminars.